The Book

I am currently working on a book.

My coach says that it is important for me to say this, out loud, to other actual people.

He’s probably right.  He usually is.  Sometimes it’s quite annoying… but I digress.

My book is in its beloved infancy.  After quite a long gestation period I have actually put words on digital paper. I have a rough outline. I have a desire, and a network of people who want to read it (Aren’t they wonderful!).  However the book is still mostly dreams, and ideas, and big plans. It hasn’t even grown into its title yet, but I am so happy it is here, even in its infancy, that I wanted to share. Much as an adoring parent I plan to share updates, and marvel at its growth and milestones.  Possibly even lament the time before I had the book, or dream about the day the book is all grown up. Who knows.  Then, when it is ready for the world I may let it loose.  Or I may not.  We shall see.  (Wow, the analogy just got a little creepy there.)